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Cymbidium orchid care

Cymbidium orchid care

Cymbidium is the name of a genus in the orchid family Orchidaceae. There are currently 52 known orchid species in this genus, but only a few of them are grown commercially since most orchid keepers prefer the many Cymbidiumhybrids rather than the original species. In Asia, Cymbidium orchids have been cultivated for over a millennium, but they did not become popular in Europe until the Victorian period. Cymbidium orchids are often included in floral arrangements and used as corsage plants.Cymbidium orchids are also popular houseplants and providing these flowers with proper Cymbidium orchid care is not very difficult. In warmer parts of the world they can be kept as garden plants.

Cymbidium orchid care – Medium

Proving your orchid with a well-draining medium is an essential part of proper Cymbidium orchid care. This plant will certainly not do well in a soggy, non-draining medium. In mild summer climates, fir bark mix for terrestrial orchids is ideal. In warmer summer areas, a finer orchid mix is recommended.

Cymbidium orchid care – Temperature

Cymbidium orchid care – Light

Ideally place your Cymbidium orchid in a spot where it will be protected from strong mid-day sun. Mild morning and afternoon sun is much more beneficial for Cymbidium orchids. If the leaves begin to turn yellow, your Cymbidium orchid might be exposed to too strong sun light. If the leaves instead develop an unusually dark green shade, the recommended Cymbidium orchid care tip is to move the plant to a spot where it will get a little more sun. One of the features that have made the Cymbidium orchids so popular is their ability to bloom during the winter.

Cymbidium orchid care – Watering

Giving the orchid the ideal amount of water is one of the most difficult aspects of Cymbidium orchid care. In this regard, Cymbidium orchid care is a constant balancing act. Watering the orchid every 7 to 10 days is a good rule of thumb, but you may need to modify this rule to suit your particular conditions since air humidity, room temperature etcetera play an imperative role here. A soggy environment should definitely be avoided, but allowing the orchid to go too dry can also prove detrimental.

Cymbidium orchid care – Nutrients

Cymbidium orchid care calls for two types of fertilizers: high nitrogen and low nitrogen. Use a high nitrogen fertilizer (such as 25-9-9) between February and July, and a low nitrogen fertilizer (such as 6-25-25) from August to January. For most types of fertilizer, one teaspoon a month will be enough. It can be a good idea to split up this dose and deliver it over several days instead of “food-bombing” the plant during one single monthly feeding.

Cymbidium orchid care – Repotting

Repotting your orchid every second or third year is an important part of good Cymbidium orchid care. The recommended repotting period is February – June. 

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